Help 1 woman out of poverty and she'll bring 4 others with her 




Investing in women and girls is one of the most effective ways to help communities overcome poverty.

Research has shown that if we help one women out of poverty, she'll bring four others with her.

Women and girls can create lasting change if they have the opportunity to gain an education, access health services, generate an income, and take a lead in their community.

Educating girls has cascading benefits. Educated women are:

• less likely to die in childbirth
• more likely to have healthy babies
• more likely to send their children to school
• better able to protect their children from HIV, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Put simply, educating women and girls provides the single highest return on investment in the developing world .

Clear Commitment

Clear Project Management is proud to support CARE Australia an International Aid and Development Agency, with a focus on empowering women and girls.

Clear Project Management is donating a percentage of it's profits to help women and girls change, not just their lives, but the lives of their families and communities.