Get Started with a great set of Project Management Tools

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Introduction to Project Management

This self paced training pack will approximately take 30-45 minutes and will give you a good understanding of

  • Why a Project Management Governance Structure is important
  • What elements are most important when managing projects
  • How you manage a project
    - what steps to take
    - what documents to produce when and
    - what forms and templates to use when 

Full Set of Project Management Templates

Get a full set of Project Management Templates to successfully manage your project. 

Templates include

  • Business Case and Project Approvals
  • Project Management Plan and Organisational Structure
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plans
  • Project Budgeting Template
  • Project Risk, Issues, Actions, and Change Management Templates
  • Project Status Report Template
  • Project Meeting Pack Templates (Team Meeting, Steering Group, etc)
  • Project Transition Plan and Templates
  • Project Closure Templates

Project Management Procedures Manual

This is a fully comprehensive procedures manual with step by step processes how to manage projects, what documents to produce by when, how to complete relevant forms, stakeholder management & communication, how to deal with risks, issues, actions, tasks and change and much more. It's an easy to follow process and forms and templates are kept to a minimum. 

Procedure includes  

  • Overview of Project Phases
  • Project Roles and Responsibility
  • Step by Step Process of Managing the Project from Start to Finish
    - Project Initiation
    - Project Planning
    - Project Execution
    - Project Transition
    - Project Closure