Happy Friday to you! Friday is a great day to let an employee or a coworker know just how much you appreciate them. You have the power to make someone’s day and since it is Friday, that positive feeling will likely stick with them through the weekend. What could be better?

So what is stopping you from making it happen?

1.    Send an email to thank a co-worker for something they helped you with this week. Include their boss if you want.

2.    Take the time to write out a thank you note for one of your employees that has really had a good week. Be specific about why you appreciate them and the value that they add to your organisation.

3.    Give a small gift card to your housekeeping personnel. It is one of those jobs that no one appreciates unless it is not done well. I bet they don't not know how much you appreciate them. Time to change that.

4.    Give a book to someone as a thank you. I love when people recommend books to me. I love it even more when they just hand me a book. You can thank them and help to develop them at the same time.

5.    Ask someone to lunch today that you do not normally go to lunch with. Break out of your routine. Talk to new people. Forge new relationships.

6.    Go into your LinkedIn account and reach out to someone who you have not spoken with in over a year. Just ask them how they are doing. Actually connect with your connections.

You all are far smarter than I am. You tell me. What can we do today to make someone’s day?

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