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Team Management Dos and Don'ts

Posted by on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, In : Leadership & Teams 

Project Management is a different ball game every day with almost hourly surprises. Managing a team has always been challenging for project managers. You will have to work with the diverse set of people who have different skill sets, different aspirations and varied levels of commitments. Here are a few generic Dos and Don’ts while dealing with your project team.





Ask for their opinion, make a point to make them realize that you are l...

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15 Common Mistakes in Project Management

Posted by on Friday, June 22, 2012, In : Project Management 

Some organisation’s projects have been unduly criticised for being poorly planned and managed and having unrealistic cost and time projections assigned to them.

Here I highlighted the most apparent mistakes in project management!

1.   Ineffective Communication:
Support from Stakeholders and Steering Committees is absolutely crucial to a project. This can only be achieved if communication is effective and appropriately targeted. Meet regularly, always keep them in the loop with quick and p...

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